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At Cecilia House, your welfare is our priority. We are specialized in 4 massages type and each of them can be practiced in Couple.

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The welfare above all

Depending on your physical and emotional state, we suggest the appropriate care, and that, in a relaxing sphere, or even at home.

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A perfect skin

We take care of all your imperfections and switch them into assets using natural ingredients power.

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All About Cecilia House

Massage is a passion that is passed to us from mother to daughter. Having inherited this "gift", I already began perpetrating massages from the benches of the university. It is only after getting my law degree I wanted to review a particular concept: that of home massages. This structure being a home and not an institution, I wanted, and always have always seen to it that the sphere of service delivery remains as friendly and warm as that of your home.
Hence conscious of the fact that relaxation, comfort and warmth are elements that can amplify the professionalism and expertise displayed by the institute. I wish you a good visit ... feel free to contact us, whether for a massage, facial treatment, body therapy or even practical advice for your relationship.

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Le Massage

Massage is an art that can be traced as far back as ancient times; the laying on of hands was seen as a curative and preventive means. The Chinese and Indian medicine (Ayurveda) have included in their practice as a treatment in itself, as well as the remedies based on medicinal plants. The purpose of massage is to enable the body to regain its balance, boost its natural defenses, defuse tensions and muscle aches, but also to de-stress (stress, "disease of the century"), Letting go and allow the mind to elude and find his best ally-the body. The practice of massage has two aspects:

  • From official medicine, it has a therapeutic purpose. It is dispensed by a physiotherapist, prescribed by a doctor.
  • From the culture of traditional medicine, its primary function is not therapeutic (because not recognized) but tends to get a general Welfare, and promote our health, along with a balanced diet.

In order to bring you a contemporary lifestyle, we offer several varieties of massage adapted to your needs.

So I wish you a very good appetite.

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100% Natural Essences

We use OILS with natural essence such as SESAME, OLIVE, Jojoba, COCO, Calendula, Argan, ADVOCATE, SWEET ALMOND ... Essential oils are selected with respect to demand and the types of massages. The composition of the massage oil is made in strict dosage and form of use. Some ESSENTIAL OILS among the employed, are the Ylang Ylang, CINNAMON, WOOD ROSE, LAVENDER, THE CYPRESS just to name a few. A very special attention is given to massage oils and our products in general, in the sense that they are safe for the skin. We make sure they are of good quality, to enhance the therapeutic qualities and increase your sense of well-being. .

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